International Logistics

Freight forwarders since 2011

Nowadays, it is of little importance where the product comes from but that it can be delivered where and when the buyer needs it.


Logistics and international trade are activities that are experiencing a hitherto unknown growth as a consequence of the free circulation of goods between the different market areas that make up geographically close countries. Logistics activity responds immediately to commercial transactions that are initiated between exporting or importing companies or organisations.


The distribution or sourcing of goods from distant countries forces organisations to design and execute joint strategies for the efficient marketing and movement of materials.


The efficient use of logistics is a source of added value for the company.



For all these reasons, PDS International provides the service of outsourcing its International Logistics Department, allowing small and medium-sized companies to reduce their operating costs, thus increasing their profits. We offer a deep knowledge of international transport, both in its preparation phase of the goods, as well as in the transfer, insurance, documents, and customs, to make the best delivery at the agreed point, in time and in the right way. Whether it is “Door to Door” (from factory gate to the agreed delivery point at destination) or any other agreed Incoterm delivery term.