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Some companies consider that their size is important for exporting and believe that exporting is “for the big boys” and that they are not interested in exporting.

Nothing could be more untrue. Each company can and should export according to its possibilities and size.


Exporting would allow small and medium-sized companies to explore opportunities in international markets, which would result in more sales. Exporting could also be an excellent way to use the excess production capacity that companies have, not only to increase sales, but also to minimise costs, and thus increase profits.


But exporting is not a simple task. It involves studying, understanding and overcoming cultural barriers. International markets are very different from domestic markets: manners and methods of doing business, religious customs, eating habits, mood and dress change from country to country. It is about thinking in the medium and long term, and planning strategically. However, companies often cannot commit their resources – personnel and financial – to a specific foreign trade department, nor do they have the know-how or time for exporting itself.


For all these reasons, PDS International offers the service of outsourcing its Export Department, allowing small and medium-sized companies to reduce their operating costs, without losing sight of the domestic market, thus increasing their profits. We would be responsible for all export related issues: customs, restrictions, insurance, and all export specific documents. With expert staff in Foreign Trade, who know the best market for specific products and the best sales strategy for that market. Acting as an export agent, operating in the same capacity as a company representative in the chosen market, promoting and marketing your products, meeting your needs and maintaining close and constant communication. Moreover, for a new exporter, selling through this service is an excellent way to enter the international arena with minimal effort, thus reducing infrastructure and travel costs.


If you would like to request more information about this service, please send us your enquiry and we will contact you immediately.


We also provide a national and international land transport service thanks to our agreements with the best companies. This allows us to offer a wide range of services, including parcel deliveries, groupage, customised express deliveries, full truck loads, refrigerated trucks and special transports for bulky goods. We guarantee professionalism and reliability in the management of your shipments to any part of Spain or Europe, both general and perishable goods.