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Nowadays, it is not as important the origin of the goods rather than it could be delivered where and when buyer needed.

Logistics and International trade are growing too fast at unknown levels due to the fact that goods can travel easier than past times within market areas of different close countries. Logistics act faster on the international transactions which take part between companies or organisations exporters or importers. The distribution of goods from remote countries make organisations to plan and execute strategies for the movement and the marketing of the materials.

Therefore, PDS Internacional can act as your International Logistics Department, which would allow the small business community to minimise operative costs, paying more attention to your home market, increasing your benefits. We offer in deep knowledge of international transport, not just in preparing the goods, but also on the carriage, the insurance, the documents, and customs, to make best way and a just in time delivery at delivery point. "House è House" delivery (from the factory to the agreed delivery point abroad) or any other Incotern agreed.

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