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Exporting allows firms to explore market opportunities in developing markets, which can result in more sales. Also, exporting is an excellent way to utilise excess plant capacity, increasing your volume, not only increasing the incoming but also minimising costs, which directly increase profits. But export is not that easy. It means study, understand and overcome cultural barriers. International markets are very different from domestic markets: business manners and methods, religious customs, dietary practices, humor, and acceptable dress all vary greatly from country to country. However, many companies lack resources - both human and financial - expertise and time to export itself.

Therefore, PDS Internacional can act as your Export Department, which would allow the small business community to minimise operative costs, paying more attention to your home market, increasing your benefits. We will function in the same way that a full service export department would work inside your company, taking full responsibility for everything related to that, as customs, restrictions, insurance, and all relevant export documentation. We are experts in foreign trade and we recognise the strongest market for an individual product as well as the best sales strategy to utilise in that market. Acting as an export agent, operating in the same capacity as your company's representative, promoting and marketing the product, meeting   the company's needs and maintaining in close communication. For a new exporter, selling through this service is an excellent way to enter the international arena with a minimum amount of effort.

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